SiteSheets, Google Docs version

This version can be used without a local installation in a browser from any computer or smart phone. It is also possible to use it without an internet connection on Android cellphones with the Google Docs App.  It is experimental and subject to change; use with care, and please report any issues or suggestions to

The link opens in read-only mode. It displays the default tables, that may be sufficient for some purposes. For a full editable version do as follows:
  1. Click "Sign in" on the top-right corner, and sign-in into a Google account. This can be your Gmail account, for instance. Otherwise, the "SIGN UP" button on the Google page allows creating a new account.
  2. Once signed-in, the spreadsheet is fully editable. See instructions in the front sheet, and more details in the website.
  3. Optionally, save a copy into your account for easy access and customization: Open the File menu, and select Make a copy...
The implementation uses Google Docs and Google Apps Script (GAS).

Unfortunately, right now displaying the results can take a (very) long time.  GAS is rather new, and maybe this will improve over time. If you are curious about the technology, you might like to see this thread.