siplab  -  Spatial Individual-Plant Simulation

An R platform for experimenting with spatially explicit individual-based vegetation models

Influence functions

García, O.  Siplab, a spatial individual-based plant modelling system. Computational Ecology and Software 4(4): 215-222. 2014. Full text.
García, O.  A generic approach to spatial individual-based modelling and simulation of plant communitiesMathematical and Computational Forestry and Nat.-Res. Sci. (MCFNS) 6(1), 36-47. 2014. Abstract, text, code listings.

Version 1.2 is available from The Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN).

Version history.

Here are local copies of the current Manual and Source code.

Some applications:
García, O. Can plasticity make spatial structure irrelevant in individual-tree models? Forest Ecosystems 1:16. 2014. Link.
Lee, M. J. and García, O. Plasticity and Extrapolation in Modeling Mixed-Species Stands. Forest Science 62(1): 1-8. 2016. Link.

Contact: Oscar García,

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