SDE Height Growth Modelling

EasySDE version 2.1 (Jan. 2012)

Site index fitting by simultaneous maximum likelihood estimation with stochastic differential equations (SDEs) is now simpler than it sounds!  In fact, using the new EasySDE  it is "relatively" easy, comparing favorably to the alternatives.  The method is mathematically and statistically sound and efficient, making good use of all sorts of permanent sample plot or stem analysis data.Height projections

Even if you are not interested in the software, you might like to see the User Guide, which tries to explain fundamental site index concepts and SDE models as painlessly as possible.

The (free and open source) software, for MS Windows or Linux,  can be downloaded from here:

The source code is platform independent.

Spanish translation of User Guide (only from the older version for now) by Christian Salas (U. de la Frontera and U. of Yale). Conference presentation (PDF, 661 Kb).

Here is a list of articles where the method has been used: HTML, BibTeX.  Please let me know of any others.  Some more theory: doi: 10.1007/s10342-010-0458-0.

Questions, comments, suggestions, are welcome.

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