Growth and Yield in Central and Northeastern BC

A meeting held at the University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, on 29 June 2005. The objective was to gather a relatively small number of researchers closely associated with forest growth modelling, to exchange ideas and information, and to dicuss research strategies and funding. The meeting was organized by Valerie LeMay (UBC), with collaboration from Mike Jull (Aleza Lake Research Forest) and Oscar García (UNBC). Nicole Balliet took care of local arrangements.

Discussion Summary


0830 – 0900 Introductions, Housekeeping, and Outcomes – Oscar Garcia
0900 – 0920 PrognosisBC work, summary – Abdel-Azim Zumrawi, Valerie LeMay, Peter Marshall
0920 – 0940 MGM – Mike Bokalo
0940 – 1000 TASS – George Harper and Catherine Bealle Statland
1000 – 1020 Break
1020 – 1040 SORTIE-ND – David Coates
1040 – 1100 Work by CFS – Phil Burton
1100 – 1120 SDMDs – Craig Farnden
1120 – 1140 NIVMA – Andrea Eastham
1140 – 1300 Lunch
1300 – 1330 Research Forests, Data, Installations, Projects – Mike Jull, Melanie Karjala, Sue Grainger, and Ken Day
1330 – 1500 Discussion – recorded/summarized by Val LeMay (and Al Wiensczyk)
1500 – 1520 Break
1520 – 1600 Discussion – tasks and who should do them
1600 – 1630 Summary by Oscar


  1. We find out what each other is doing.
  2. We use this information to help direct our research.
  3. This might also result in a proposal(s) to NCE (SFM network out of U of A) for example.
  4. A summary of the discussion could be posted as meeting minutes on a web site at UNBC and/or FOREX (see as an example of the outcome).



Rasmus Astrup, University of British Columbia – graduate student
Nicole Balliet, University of Northern British Columbia
Adrian Batho, University of Northern British Columbia – graduate student
Catherine Bealle-Statland, Ministry of Forests
Bryan Bogdanski, Canadian Forest Service
Mike Bokalo, University of Alberta
Phil Burton, Canadian Forest Service
David Coates, Ministry of Forests
Ken Day, Research Forest
Andrea Eastham, Industrial Forestry Service
Craig Farnden, Consultant
Oscar Garcia, University of Northern British Columbia
Anthony Giannotti, Industrial Forestry Service
Sue Grainger, Research Forest
George Harper, Ministry of Forests
Zhengjun Hu, University of Northern British Columbia – graduate student
Mike Jull, Research Forest
Melanie Karjala, Research Forest
Val LeMay, University of British Columbia
Peter Marshall, University of British Columbia
John Pousette, University of Northern British Columbia – graduate student
Steve Stearns-Smith, SIGY Co-op
Alan Wiensczyk, FORREX
Abdel-Azim Zumrawi, Ministry of Forests




Discussion Summary

(Recorded by Nicole Balliet, Valerie LeMay and Alan Wiensczyk)


  1. Growth and Yield models for the Central Interior, especially for complex stands (e.g. Cedar/Hemlock; Spruce Balsam):
  2. Juvenile Growth:
  3. Mortality:
  4. Regeneration:
  5. Links to landscape, forest level inventories:
  6. Habitat characteristics/stand structure:
  7. Modeling and reporting uncertainty:
  8. Methods, data, approaches differ depending on modeling group, even though the group is working on the same problem:
  9. Data gaps:
  10. Testing:


What should we do?


  1. Mortality modeling meeting – (e.g., electronic discussion? One-day workshop at UNBC?)
  2. Extension/user meetings relating to Mountain pine beetle and growth and yield – Steve Stearns-Smith (SIGY) and Al Wiensczyk (FORREX).
  3. Documentation of models is needed on websites and/or within help sections of models
  4. Documentation of data will promote sharing
  5. MPB – Will collaborate more on this for better models/use of funds and data
  6. MPB – Plan to re-measure PSP’s in MPB affected areas. Would like researchers to look at re-measurement protocols for regeneration and let PSP coordinator (Bob Macdonald) know if sufficient for use in development of models. Existing protocols are available on the web.


  1. Letter to FSP Volume and Value regarding priorities for Central and NE BC?
  2. This year (2005-06), SIGY is championing creation of a provincial strategic
    organization to provide G&Y guidance and funding coordination similar to the
    Forest Genetics Council and FIA Tree Improvement Program. Strategic
    linkages with FIA's Forest Science Program and the provincial inventory
    program are also being explored.
  3. Article on GY needs for Central and NE BC for Link Funding Proposal Topics and Possible Leaders
  4. JEM (BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management): Article to increase profile of long-term PSP data
  5. NCE proposals? Email around to see who is interested


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